Our Leadership

Marty Bonick

President and Chief Executive Officer

Joey Abney

Vice President, Facilities Management

Donald Baker

Regional President, UT Health East Texas

Lewis Brown

Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer

David Byers

Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer

Carlene Callis

Chief System Integration and Growth Officer

Frank J. “F.J.” Campbell, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Robert Coscione

Senior Vice President, Payer Strategies

Lee "Dave" Courtney

Vice President, Tax

Ashley Crabtree

Senior Vice President, Treasurer

Martha Crombie

Vice President, Marketing

Jeff DeMordaunt

Vice President, Talent Strategy and Acquisition

Lisa Dolan

Chief Nursing Officer

John Faldetta

Vice President, Development and Finance Counsel

Kevin Gross

Regional President, Oklahoma

Nathan Hamlet

Vice President, Financial Operations

Joanne Hardin

Chief Quality Officer

Richard Haun

Operations Chief Financial Officer

James "Steve" Hinkle

Chief Compliance Officer

Brad Hoyt, MD

Chief Medical Information Officer

Rebecca Hurley

Chief Development Counsel

Ben Jacobs

Chief Strategy and Development Officer

Richard "Rick" Keller

Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Rebecca Kirkham

Vice President, Media & Communications

Vicki Knox

Vice President, Clinical Outcomes and Operation Safety

Matthew Kroplin

Vice President, Assistant General Counsel, Oklahoma & Kansas

Nina Kumar

Vice President, Assistant General Counsel, East Texas & New Jersey

John Latina

Operations Chief Financial Officer

Alfred Lumsdaine

Chief Financial Officer

Stacie Malone

Vice President, Internal Audit

Sandra Mann

Vice President, Associate General Counsel, New Mexico, Idaho & BSA Health System

Stacey Martinez

Vice President, Accounting Operations

Matt Maxfield

Regional President, Americas

James J. “Jim” Mayercik

Vice President, Information Technology

Tim Miner

Vice President, Reimbursement

Tracy O'Daniel

Vice President, Clinical Outcomes and High Reliability

Shane Olivier

Vice President, Physician Services

Tyra Palmer

Chief Marketing Officer

Steve Petrovich

Chief Legal Officer

Serena Pettes

Vice President, Patient Acquisition and Retention

Terika Richardson

Chief Operating Officer

Matt Richardt

Vice President, Clinical Applications and Informatics

Thomas "T.J." Schaffer

Vice President, Corporate Operations Counsel

Carolyn Schneider

Chief Human Resources Officer

Reed Smith

Vice President, Digital & Innovation

Cairo Wasfy

Chief Resource Officer, Supply Chain, Purchased Services, Pharmacy and Laboratory

Ardent Health Services

Ardent Health Services invests in quality health care. In people, technology, facilities and communities, Ardent makes considerable investments – producing high quality care and extraordinary results.

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