Joint Venture Partnerships

Helping hospitals transform challenge into opportunity

As hospitals navigate a new era of health care reform, regulatory change and shrinking reimbursements, many organizations have found new opportunity through joint venture partnerships.

Our innovative joint venture model provides these organizations with essential capital without the necessity of selling hospital assets or acquiring more debt. Each partnership is built upon a foundation that values local leadership, collaboration and shared control. While joint ventures may take several forms, partners contributing assets do not have to give up control of those assets or any assets acquired by the joint venture. In fact, we believe in sharing governance 50/50 as long as the partner is willing to maintain at least a 20 percent ownership interest in the joint venture.

With decades of experience creating strong partnerships, our commitment to this model is absolute and long standing.


Ardent Health Services

Ardent Health Services invests in quality health care. In people, technology, facilities and communities, Ardent makes considerable investments – producing high quality care and extraordinary results.

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