Ardent Health Services and BioIntelliSense launch state-of-the-art continuous inpatient monitoring initiative to advance care and optimize workflow

The partnership leverages BioIntelliSense’s medical-grade BioButton® wearable devices and advanced clinical intelligence solution to automate high-frequency vital sign collection and enable proactive clinical intervention.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Nov. 29, 2022) – Ardent Health Services and BioIntelliSense today announced the launch of a new continuous patient monitoring initiative to empower clinicians with greater data-driven insights for patient care and to optimize clinical and operational workflow.

Clinicians at Ardent’s BSA Hospital in Amarillo, Texas, began using the BioButton® wearable device and BioCloud™ analytics engine in September to automate the collection of inpatient vital signs in general care units and increase both patient and clinician satisfaction. With plans for expansion across Ardent’s 30 hospitals, the program also leverages BioIntelliSense’s FDA-cleared AlertWatch® clinical intelligence and triage solution. The integrated dashboard and highly intuitive display provide clinicians with a centralized view of high-frequency patient trending data and algorithmic-based alerting that supports earlier intervention. 

As part of the new inpatient continuous monitoring initiative, patients wear the BioButton throughout the duration of their stay. The patient-friendly device captures and wirelessly transmits up to 1,440 sets of vital sign measurements per day at a fraction of the cost of traditional, manually collected vital sign measurements, which are typically only collected 4-6 times per day. This enables clinicians to identify stable patients who may be candidates for early discharge, potentially reducing hospital stays while providing medical grade monitoring in the convenience and comfort of a patient’s home.

“This partnership is another step forward in our efforts to leverage game-changing clinical technology to transform the care delivered in and outside of our hospitals and clinics,” said Ardent Chief Executive Officer Marty Bonick. “These tools empower our clinical teams to work at the top of their license while providing actionable insights that allow us to tailor care in near real time, supporting better outcomes and an improved experience for both patients and caregivers.”

BioIntelliSense’s medical-grade BioButton® wearable device, along with its algorithmic-based data services, enables effortless remote data capture and continuous multi-parameter monitoring on a single device in both acute and post-acute settings.

“We are at a critical inflection point for healthcare where the technology now exists to enable a more intelligent model of care delivery that allows providers to take better care of more patients at a fraction of the cost,” said James Mault, MD, founder and CEO of BioIntelliSense. “We are proud to work with the committed, forward-thinking team at Ardent to deliver this next standard of continuous patient monitoring, so patients get the best care when and where they need it most and hospitals get the tools they need to enable more efficient clinical workflow given the growing workforce shortage crisis.”

In combination with BioIntelliSense’s advanced BioCloud™ data analytics, patient-specific trending and clinical intelligence may allow for early detection of adverse trends and proactive interventions. The BioIntelliSense and AlertWatch solutions are integrated with Ardent’s Epic electronic health record to streamline clinical workflow and enable a high-resolution view of a patient’s health status from in-hospital to home.