Embracing Innovation

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Turning Ideas to Action

At the heart of our commitment to making healthcare better is a willingness to ask questions and embrace new ideas. Recognizing the way things have always been done isn’t good enough, we are rethinking processes and developing new partnerships and technologies to improve care, support our team members and improve the overall healthcare experience.

From AI-powered virtual nursing and wearable technology to our in-house innovation studio, Ardent is committed to leveraging game-changing technology to transform the delivery of care.

Embracing Innovation

Innovation Pillars

Our focus on innovation takes many forms. Whether investing in new capabilities, developing our own technologies or partnering to deliver a frictionless experience, we focus on three primary areas:

  • Digital front door: Technology and services that make care easier to access and experience
  • Care within the hospital: Technology and services that improve patient outcomes and alleviate unnecessary burdens on caregivers
  • Care outside the hospital: Technology and services that connect patients and caregivers beyond the acute care setting

Our partners

Ardent is proud to collaborate with partners who share our goal of making care better, safer and easier to access. Here are just a few:

Automated Vital Sign Collection

Ardent uses wearable medical-grade monitoring devices to automate vital sign collection in and outside of the hospital – optimizing clinician workflow and supporting proactive clinical intervention.

Virtual Nursing & Virtual Attending Programs

Our hospital-based AI-powered virtual care programs help automate tasks that do not require physical proximity – reducing the administrative burden for nurses and extending the reach of specialists. Ambient monitoring technology improves patient safety and optimizes workflow.

Care AI
Remote Care Management

Through patient monitoring and responsive virtual care, Ardent’s remote care programs help patients manage chronic health conditions and reduce hospital readmissions.

Chronic Care Management

Our chronic care management program leverages AI to identify patients in need of additional care coordination services to navigate social determinants of health and manage chronic health conditions.

Care Harmony
Clinical Decision Support

With a focus on optimizing clinician workflows, this decision support technology integrates with Epic to provide access to cost and care insights that adjust in real-time as treatments are ordered.

Evidence Care

Ardent has achieved Level 9 of 10 in the Epic Gold Stars program, demonstrating our commitment to fully leveraging this transformative technology.

Innovation Studio

Founded in 2023, our in-house innovation studio focuses on leveraging artificial intelligence to transform healthcare delivery and administration.

Choreo Health
Clinical Recruiting Technology

Ardent helped develop Winnow, an AI clinical recruitment platform that uses predictive analytics to source, recruit and retain physicians and other health care workers.


Transforming care

Learn more about select innovation partnerships.

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