Smiling Nurse

The Ardent Way

At Ardent, we believe in aspiring to a higher standard as we work together to fulfill our purpose of caring for people – our patients, our communities and one another. The following beliefs help guide our actions and provide every team member with an understanding of what to expect from the organization and one another.

What we believe

People first. Always.

We show compassion, celebrate differences and treat one another with respect.

Teamwork wins.

We believe healthcare is a team sport and every player has something to contribute.

Simplicity is everything.

We are passionate about finding new ways to make healthcare easier to access and deliver.

Think BIG.

We pursue extraordinary in everything we do — never settling for good enough.

How we act

Do the right thing.

We believe integrity matters and that intentions are nothing without actions.

Make it better.

We always look for ways to improve and recognize that even small changes can have a big impact.

Be curious.

We know better begins with a question. We encourage one another to ask why and live “what if?”

Own it.

We take pride in figuring it out — always seeking solutions, not blame.