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Partnering for the Future

Ardent has a long history of partnering with like-minded organizations to measurably improve quality, drive value and enhance community benefit. Today, we are focused on developing new partnerships to meet even more of the healthcare needs of the communities we serve. From virtual visits and convenient after-hours care to remote care options that allow patients to be cared for at home, we’re committed to meeting more people where they are – at every stage of their healthcare journey.

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Unique Joint Venture Experience

Ardent’s innovative joint venture model provides a competitive advantage for partners. With decades of experience, we are proud to partner with premier academic medical centers, large not-for-profit hospital systems and local communities to create successful partnerships that value local leadership, collaboration and shared governance. Our scale, expertise and commitment to maintaining strong quality and local involvement make Ardent a partner of choice.

A Proven Track Record

Read how Ardent’s expertise and commitment to investing have helped improve quality and expand access to care in communities across the country.

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