National Strength. Local Impact.

Community member giving a piggy-back ride

The Ardent Difference

At Ardent, we never forget that our impact reaches beyond our hospitals and clinics and into the communities we serve. It’s a simple truth that guides the way we operate and shapes our efforts to make our communities stronger.

With a focus on local involvement, we partner with team members, providers and local communities to improve health outcomes and broaden access to care. Supported by the strength of the Ardent Resource Team, local management and medical staff leaders are empowered to do what they do best – make the right decisions based on local community needs.


Community Impact Report

Building Healthier Communities

We take pride in doing our part to build stronger, healthier communities. From investing in programs to improve health outcomes and reduce disparities to supporting local businesses and community organizations or providing care to those in need, we leverage our strength to make a positive local impact.

Our commitment to operating in an ethical and sustainable manner is reflected in the adoption of practices and tools that support our team members, address social determinants of health and minimize our impact to the environment. Ardent’s Community Impact Report outlines these efforts and provides a benchmark to measure our progress improving operations to build a healthier, more sustainable future for all.